Arniston race

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Fraserburgh West End Pigeon Racing Club held a race from Arniston on the 26th of June. The winning pigeon flew 133 miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Full results: 1. D Reid 2. D Ward 3. R Higgins 4. D Ward 5. R Higgins 6. R Higgins

The club has held two races in the past 2 weeks the first being from Leicester on the 19th of June and the other from Arniston a week later.

The winning bird in the race from Leicester belonged to C McRae of Lonmay and the winner from Arniston belonging to A Buchan from St Combs.

Full Results:

19/6/11: 1. C McRae 2. A. Buchan 3. A Geddes 4. C McRae 5. A Buchan 6. C McRae

26/6/11: 1. A Buchan 2. C McRae 3. A Buchan 4. A Buchan 5. C McRae 6. W Masson