B-listed Dalrymple Hall ‘needs work done’

Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre.
Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre.

With the prestige of the Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre having soared with the news that the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland will use it as an outreach centre, it has been suggested that it is time to take stock of the state of the building itself.

Councillor Ian Tait has asked Aberdeenshire Council to support him on the potential of the building and to bring that out through a feasibility study.

He speculates that all or part of this could be funded under the mantle of the Regeneration scheme.

Councillor Tait says the building is B-listed and therefore there could be funding available from outside sources for the study.

He told us: “The present building is not truly fit for purpose as a centre of the arts. I therefore think that it should be developed to its full potential both as a centre for the Arts and Crafts but also to help bring more people into the town and thereby help create and sustain jobs. So there is an economic benefit.”

He feels that in preparation for RCS coming, the Council should advertise and contact local groups so that they can be fully informed about the advantages arising from the RCS visit and so that their ideas and opinions can be taken into the planning stage.