Bags of Love for children in Manila

It was in May, 2012, while visiting our son, Mark Ritchie, who has been a missionary in the Philippines for the last 12 years that we met with Ron and Joanna Domingo.

Ron and Joanna do an amazing work among the children and families living in abject poverty on the dump site in the Tondo area of Manila. Ron is a Filipino, but Joanna hails from Kilmarnock, and they live in Manila with their one-year-old son, Josiah.

Flooding at all times of the year is a major problem in Tondo but recently severe floods brought real hardship and caused many tragedies among the people living there.

However, the Filipino people are a resilient people so used to hardship and tragedy they just keep on going and are generally very cheerful and appreciative people.

Power House Kids Club already has links in the Philippines with Sefton Village, where Mark lived and worked overseeing prison work, running a children’s home, bible college, hospital and schools work, as well as running a church in Santiago City.

However, on this last visit, new links were formed with Ron and Joanna to support the work they do among children and families in that are of severe deprivation.

In response to the needs there, Power House has been sending boxes of clothes, rubber boots, trainers, craft materials for the classes they hold with the children, medicated cream, baby milk and other useful items they specified.

The children and leaders from Power House Kids Club, Radi8 dancers and the mums and toddlers group who meet in Fraserburgh Community Church have just finished donating ‘Bags of Love’, sending another five large boxes of much needed items to bring some relief to the children living in that area.

Joanna and Ron are coming to Scotland in January in preparation for baby number two, due to be born in the next few months.

They will be visiting Fraserburgh Community Church on Sunday, January 20, at 6pm to share their story about the work and to say thanks to the people for their support. They will also be at the mothers and toddlers group at Fraserburgh Community Church on Monday, January 21, to meet the mums and toddlers who so kindly donated the ‘Bags of Love’ that are now en route to Manila.