‘Blackening’ sought by TV company

BUDDING brides and grooms are being sought by a television production company which is looking to feature the North-east tradition of ‘blackening’.

The well-known Japanese entertainment programme, Takeshi Kitano’s Unbelievable, will be heading to Aberdeenshire in the next week in a bid to film a blackening, but first needs to find one!

The programme features unique traditions and producers want to film the popular pre-wedding tradition.

Initially the bride to be was the one who was blackened by her friends but now the groom is also blackened in many cases. The bride and the groom are taken by surprise and covered with foul and disgusting substances.

The friends cover them with any gross they can think of. It can be curdled milk, rotten eggs, spoiled curry, smelly fish sauces, molasses, mud, flour, sausages, syrups and feathers!

A spokeswoman for the company told the Buchanie: “We’re looking for someone organising a blackening in the Aberdeenshire area between now and September 18, who would be happy for our small camera crew to film the blackening.

“Any willing participants will get (hopefully some money and) a unique wedding present for their mates: a DVD of their blackening appearing in a Japanese TV show!

If anyone can help, then they should call the production team on 0208 8403340.

Alternatively send them an email at mail@tele-search.co.uk as soon as possible.