Blooming good show at SWRI event

Ellon Group SWRI held their annual spring bulb show recently at the town’s Victoria Hall.

The event enjoyed a good turnout of visitors despite entries being down 42 on the previous year.

Overall View of Flower Show and attendees

Overall View of Flower Show and attendees

The Buchan group judged the entries and their chairwoman, Mrs Janice Stephen, presented the trophies.

Spokeswoman, Helen Smilie, described the bulb section as a “splash of spring sunshine on a grey March Saturday”.

She added that the inter-institute co-op entry, entitled New Arrival, made a “lovely display’ in the hall stage.

The baking section included a wide selection of entries varying from traditional oatcakes and pancakes to American-style muffins.

There were many entries in the floral art section which produced an attractive display.