Book success for Susan

Susan Emmison Smith signed copies of her book 'Snowie's Amazing Rescue' at R & S Dyga
Susan Emmison Smith signed copies of her book 'Snowie's Amazing Rescue' at R & S Dyga

A Fraserburgh woman is celebrating the unexpected success of her new children’s book.

Susan Emmison Smith’s book ‘Snowie’s Amazing Rescue’ is based on a true story from November 2017 when she rescued a baby seal from the garden of Seafront Cottages in Pitullie.

Susan Emmison Smith

Susan Emmison Smith

Susan explained: “I was looking at my Eco-Pod when a baby seal came into the garden and then into my kitchen .

“I noticed it was injured so I contacted the Scottish SPCA. They picked it up and took it to their rescue centre at Fishcross.

“In June and July I created comedy skits on Facebook featuring seals talking in doric and they have been really popular.

“I thought that the characters I created would make a good children’s book so I wrote Snowie’s Amazing Rescue.”

The story focuses on Snowie the baby seal and how she found herself separated from her mother and into the care of the Scottish SPCA.

Susan released her book in November and she held a book signing and reading event at R & S Dyga in Fraserburgh on Saturday, December 1.

Susan added: “The book has been a great success, it has sold 300 copies in the last three weeks.

“I have received over £100 in donations at the signings and I will share that between the Sandhaven and Pitullie Public Hall and the Scottish SPCA.

Susan is planning to visit schools and libraries in the area to read her story.

For more details see Pitullie Shore on Facebook.