Broadsea residents misery

Residents of Broadsea are regularly being subjected to anti-social behaviour from groups of people they allege are flouting the law by drinking in public places.

The residents say the groups are leaving broken bottles and cans littering the area, playing loud music from cars and even urinating against garden walls.

In an attempt to have their concerns addressed they have now started a petition asking for action to be taken to protect their right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and end the disgraceful behaviour they are currently enduring.

Consuming alcohol in any public place has been prohibited in the town since July 13, 2007, however over the last few years the residents have seen an escalation in this type behaviour and have even photographed the evidence left behind as they have had to clear the remnants of the night before.

Speaking to the Herald, residents said: “We are dreading the better weather coming in as this is when the problems escalate.

“Some days groups of people can start to gather at 10am and remain until the early hours of the following morning. They congregate at the seats on the coastal path, drinking carry-outs, once the bins have been filled their empty cans and bottles are thrown down onto the shore, some of the men even urinate against garden walls.

“We have had to call the police out on numerous occasions but this does not seem to be acting as any sort of deterrent.”

In an attempt to have their concerns addressed residents set up the petition which they intend to present to officials at a meeting in April.

Commenting on the residents concerns, Councillor Brian Topping said: “This is essentially a police matter however I was aware that problems had been experienced in the area in the past and had even attended myself at night in an attempt to try and solve them.

“I am saddened to hear that the residents of Broadsea are still experiencing problems. I would urge the residents to continue reporting matters to the police and to contact their local councillors.

“Action can only be taken when problems are highlighted to the appropriate authorities therefore I again urge people to report this type of behaviour to the police.”

Anyone found drinking in a public place in Fraserburgh can be charged with an offence and may be offered a fixed penalty notice. Grampian Police were contacted for a statement but at going to press no comment has been received.