Broadsea to get CCTV camera

At the Community Safety Group meeting on Thursday, April 17, Inspector John Esson of Grampian Police was in attendance to relay information about crime figures from West Shore, before and after the erector of a CCTV camera in the area.

The Inspector told Councillor Brian Topping and Councillor Michael Watt that there had been a reduction across the board of crime at West Shore since the camera was installed.

Eight months prior to the camera going up, there were 27 incidents reported. In the following eight months, this figure was down to 16.

There was a 60% reduction in public nuisance reports, and 100% reductions in both assaults and public drinking reports in the area.

“It has had a major effect in the West Shore area,” said Inspector Esson.

The Inspector said he appreciated the assistance of the Safety Group in funding for the ‘no drinking’ signs across Fraserburgh.

Following information that residents of Broadsea had asked for a webcam in the area, Inspector Esson said that his understanding of the situation was that there would be no record facility with the proposed idea.

As such, there would be no way to act retrospectively when an incident is reported.

Instead, the Safety Group discussed the possibility of having a CCTV camera linked into the current system at Fraserburgh’s police station, which could be retrospectively used to catch people breaking the law.

Agreeing that this was the best option, Councillor Topping said that he would look into the proposal further.

“Cameras don’t necessarily reduce crime.

“I’m delighted, and glad, that it has had that benefit (in West Shore), but it’s all about detecting crime.

“Hopefully, this will stop or reduce the situation, but also catch the culprits,” Councillor Topping told the Fraserburgh Herald.

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