Broch beach train group decide on name


A committee made up of people who want to see a beach train return to Fraserburgh have decided on a name for their group.

Stand United Regenerate Fraserburgh, or SURF, is the name that was chosen after a public poll via Facebook to determine their name going forward to, perhaps, securing a return for the beach attraction.

In June, the group had met to discuss the possibility of forming a committee to bring back a beach train, at which the committee, headed by Charlie Reid, was formed.

Councillors Charles Buchan and Hamish Partridge had, also, attended the meeting.

Councillor Buchan said after the meeting: “I wish Charlie Reid and his group the very best in this initiative, and I hope support will come from all quarters.”

SURF have already launched an online presence on Facebook claiming that they are “a committee of ‘Brochers’ that aim to bring back the new new beach train and further re-develop the beach.”

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