Broch bomb scare sees police cordon off school


Fraserburgh Academy was cordoned off on Sunday after Grampian Police were made aware of a bomb threat.

The alleged bomb, which was found on the beach in Invercairn, was taken to Fraserburgh police station in the afternoon of Sunday, January 6, before being driven to the grounds of Fraserburgh Academy where police officers blocked all entrances to the secondary school.

Grampian Police said at 1.34pm a member of the public had attended Fraserburgh police station with, what was believed to be, the partial remnant of World War II ordinance which had been found on the beach.

As a precaution, a cordon was established around the device and the Armed Forces Explosives Ordnance Division was contacted for advice.

The item, which was in a saloon vehicle, was brought to Fraserburgh Academy in an effort to minimise any potential disruption.

Early on Sunday evening, Grampian Police, following the arrival of the military bomb squad to the site, confirmed that the item was no longer a threat to members of the public.

They removed the cordon from Fraserburgh Academy and issuing the following statement: “The item has now been examined by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and although it seems it may have been a wartime bomb, it has disintegrated to such an extent it no longer contained any explosives.

“As such no further action was required.”