Broch boy gives up birthday presents to buy other children Christmas gifts

Daniel 'Ronaldo' Simpson with Margaret Dunbar of St Combs Giving Tree
Daniel 'Ronaldo' Simpson with Margaret Dunbar of St Combs Giving Tree

A five-year-old Fraserburgh boy opted out of getting birthday presents this year instead asking for donations so he could buy Christmas presents for disadvantaged children.

Daniel ‘Ronaldo’ Simpson, donated fourteen presents to the St Combs Giving Tree after asking people to not buy him any presents for his fifth birthday but to make donations instead.

Inspired by his hero Ronaldo, who Daniel likes to be called after, he said: “I wanted to raise money to get a poor bairn a Playstation.”

The young Ronaldo Simpson said: “Ronaldo is always in the paper, he gives people money and everything and I really like him.”

Ronaldo Simpson said that he wanted to get presents for children whose mums and dads didn’t have a lot of money to get them anything.

He said: “They don’t have any money and they don’t have any toys.”

Proud mum Charlene said that her son is always looking to help out other children.

She said: “He gets so concerned about ‘the peer bairnys’ he empties our own food cupboards to give it to them.

“He asked for money so he could go buy ‘the peer bairnys, birthday and Christmas presents because he knew some mums and dads don’t have much pennies so he would like them to have presents and be happy.”

St Combs Giving Tree donated over 140 parcels to the Fraserburgh Social Work Department for children and teenagers - including pyjamas, slippers and dressing-gowns.

They also collected ladies cold weather clothes such as hats, scarves and gloves for Teen Challenge Out Reach bus to hand out.

They also collected nonperishable food items for the Solid Rock Cafe.

A spokesperson for St Combs Giving Tree said: “The generosity of our village and the surrounding area can never be questioned.

“Thanks to everyone who has donated.”