Broch could become Seafood Centre of Excellence

Fraserburgh could become a Seafood Centre of Excellence under ambitious regeneration plans.
Fraserburgh could become a Seafood Centre of Excellence under ambitious regeneration plans.

Fraserburgh could be established as a Seafood Centre of Excellence under a £2.1m regeneration plan being drawn up by Aberdeenshire Council.

The vision and action plan for the next five years, brings together proposed changes to the physical, economic and community envirornments of the town.
Banff and Buchan councillors will discuss the plans when they met in Fraserburgh on Tuesday.
The action plan focuses on concerted short and medium-term actions to not only address the challenges, but to build on the strong asset base within Fraserburgh.
In a report to Tuesday’s meeting, council planning chief Stephen Archer says that the plan is about “widening opportunities , growing the local econonmy and improving people’s lives”.
The Fraserburgh Regeneration Partnership is principally concerned with community-led regeneration, securing and developing Fraserburgh as an excellent economic and service centre.
With regard to the economy, the plan aims to help enterprising individuals with innovation and creativity to grow indigenous businesses so as to build a more diverse and resilient business base and a higher wage economy in Fraserburgh.
In relation to the environment it wants to secure the regeneration and re-use of key sites and buildings and delver the infrastructure and capability to facilitate business and community success.
And as far as people, communities, health and wellbeing is concerned, the plan says these are fundamental to Fraserburgh’s economic growth.

Councillors will hear that the action plan is designed to be a dynamic document with changes being made to it on a regular basis as projects were completed, deleted or new ones identified.
Mr Archer says that much of the action plan would also produce important intangible outcomes, for example increases in civic pride, confidence, more positive external perceptions and ambition.
The 2021 Vision for the Broch describes it as “vibrant and open for business, a town which looks outward whilst also caring for its community.”
In establishing Fraserburgh as a Seafood Centre of Exellence, the plan proposes options for Young’s factory, a seafood development kitchen, supporting processor growth and encouraging seafood in the town’s restaurants.
It also envisions the town being deserving of a reputation for excellence as one of the UK’s finest maritime towns, with a distinctive public realm of the highest quality, retaining a memory of place while creating new places to draw on the legacy of earlier generations.
"A town which places inclusion and enterprise at the heart of everthing it does, developing an innovativve and creative culture that empowers people".
Among the objectives listed in the plan is to make Fraserburgh a cleaner place, with a big clean-up proposed over the next two years from bins to gutters, pavements to litter, encouraging involvement in a deep clean and ongoing maintenance.
It also proposes regeneration of buildings and key sites with strategic investment in sites and opportunities that will have major regenerative impact, and financial assistance to help bring redundant buldings back into productive economic use.
It wants to promote health and wellbeing by increasing the number of bike stands in the town and change attitudes towards sustainable and active travel.
Councillors will be asked to approve the plan when they meet on Tuesday.