Broch doos head home from Perth

Fraserburgh and District Flying Club held a race from Perth on April 30 and again on May 7.

A distance of 105 miles and 463 yards. The winning bird on April 30 was flown by G Duthie, Beacon Cottages, Cairnbulg in a time of 2 hours 32 minutes and 19 seconds. Results for April 30 were as follows:

1. G Duthie, 2. A Buchan, 3. J Strachan, 4. Alex Buchan, 5. Alex Buchan, 6. J Strachan.

The winning bird on May 7 belonged to A Buchan, Millburn Place, St Combs. Results for May 7 were as follows:

1. A Buchan, 2. A Buchan, 3. A Buchan, 4. G Duthie, 5. G Duthie, 6. G Duthie