Broch driver competes in hot rod world championship

Graeme's car takes up position on the grid. photograph: Chris Berry
Graeme's car takes up position on the grid. photograph: Chris Berry

A local racing driver travelled to Ipswich recently to take part in his first ever Hot Rod World Final Championship.

Graeme Gordon, who was one of only two Scottish drivers to qualify for the final, travelled the 578 miles to a track that he had never raced on, to compete against drivers from all over England, Northern and Southern Ireland, Germany and Holland.

Speaking to the Herald, Graeme said: “After racing at Crimond, Cowdenbeath and Knockhill over the last ten years when the opportunity arose to compete at National level it was an opportunity not to be missed.”

After finishing second in the qualifying series, Graeme only found out a few weeks prior to the final that there would be places for two Scottish drivers.

Due to the way the grid is formed and drivers are seeded, this meant that Graeme would have to start at the back of the grid even after he posted faster lap times in the three ‘hot laps’ than some of the other drivers on the Saturday prior to the formation of the grid.

However, out of the 34 drivers that qualified, he finished the race after seventy five laps in a very respectful seventeenth place.

Graeme then took part in the qualifier for the final race of the day, the ‘Best in Britain’. This was a reverse grid from the World final which meant that Graeme started in pole position, surrounded by ex-World and European champions. During the 25-lap qualification race, Graeme held his own and went on to win.

The ‘Best in Britain’ then saw Graeme race against 16 World final drivers and 16 drivers from the support races, battling it out for the title. Graeme came in ninth out of the 32 competitors.

Graeme added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had a fantastic weekend.

“I would like to thank my family and friends, especially Steve, Pam and Cory Manett and David and Andrew Blackhall for being my pit crew for the weekend, their help led to a successful weekend’s racing.”