Broch drydock investment has paid off

Fraserburgh Harbour’s Drydock enjoyed a bumper 2010.

Harbour Superintendent John Murison told the Herald that works done to modernise the facility had certainly paid off over the past year.

“In many ways 2010 was a very good year,” he said.

“The repair facilities in the port were again well utilised, with both the Drydock and Shiplift maintaining their position of being popular repair centres for local and remote tonnage.

“The shiplift is predominently used to support the fishing related vessels, although it is hoped that we may have the capacity to attract more fish farm related business in the coming year due to the unwelcome contraction in size of the local fishing fleet.

“The RNLI are now choosing the facilities at Fraserburgh for both scheduled and unscheduled underwater hull maintenance and repairs. Ferry overhaul business continues to offer some diversity to the traders within the port, this work is now very important and improves the future viability of these businesses that to date have supported the fishing fleets,” he said.

The Drydock was utilised by 23 vessels over 198 days during 2010, a utilisation of 54%.

However, the availability of the Drydock was reduced to 92% due to the refurbishment of the flooding valve during that period.

Mr Murison said the evolution of the Drydock had been essential and that it was recoginised as an excellent facility:

“The Drydock has evolved and is now regularly engaged with offshore standby vessels, barges, ferries, silos, specialised floating equipment as well the established pelagic and larger whitefish vessels.

“The recent investment by the Commissioners has seen an important addition to the drydock facility. It now houses a modern serviced office with new crew amenity facilities for their comfort whilst in the drydock. Wi- Fi at the facility provides the drydock with the flexibility for our customers to operate their business whilst engaged at the drydock,” he said.