Broch hospital set to ban smoking on site

Fraserburgh Hospital is set to go smoke free in October, the National Health Service has revealed.

The Fraserburgh hospital, along with Chalmers and Peterhead are all to go smoke free over the next three months, with Fraserburgh setting the date for October 1.

As a result, no one will be permitted to smoke anywhere on site, including external areas.

The developments follows Turriff Hospital and its grounds becoming a completely smoke-free zone this year, and anticipate the national plans that all hospital grounds in Scotland will be smoke-free by March 2015, as part of measures to reduce the number of people choosing to smoke.

“We are phasing in the ‘NHS Grampian Tobacco Policy’, which supports the national plans, to allow people who are smokers, to plan ahead for their visit to a hospital,” said George Rutten, NHS Grampian Public Health Coordinator for Banff and Buchan.

“If you are visiting a friend or relative in a hospital, you will not be allowed to smoke anywhere in the hospital building, or in the grounds. Plan your visit to the hospital by bringing a nicotine replacement product, such as gum or a patch, to help reduce cravings. If you need advice on which nicotine replacement product is right for you, ask your pharmacist, or contact our smoking advice service on 0500 600 332 about quitting.”

Rosemary Johnston, senior charge nurse at Fraserburgh Hospital, said: “Patients who stay over in hospital will not be allowed to smoke at all anywhere on the hospital site. That includes the outside areas. We encourage patients to give up smoking.

“However, if you can’t go without smoking and don’t want to give up, you can ask ward staff for a nicotine replacement product to help reduce cravings.”

In the next few weeks, people will start noticing posters and leaflets announcing that the hospitals will go smoke-free.