Broch is Britain’s only shining light

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A Fraserburgh lighthouse is set to be the only manned light in Britain when it gets switched on to mark it’s museum’s 20th anniversary.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse will be turned on at 6pm until midnight on November 20 to celebrate to 20 years of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Michael Strachan, Collections Manager at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, said: “ It’s something we do to mark significant anniversaries.”

The light was last switched on in 2012 when Kinnaird Head celebrated it’s 225th anniversary.

The lighthouse itself was automated in June 1991 but Kinnaird Head was seen as a special case with the original light structure preserved.

Tours of the lighthouse will run at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm but people must book in advance as the museum expects high demand.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses has for the last 20 years been a big tourist attraction in the Fraserburgh and Buchan area.

Mr Strachan said: “As when the museum opened it still continues to be one of the largest tourist attractions in the area.

“The collections have continued to grow over the period and they have certainly grown in significance and importance.”

The award winning museum contains several galleries housing collections of glass lenses, lighting technology and social history artefacts covering the lives of the men and families who guarded Scotland’s coastline for over 200 years.

There will also be a stovies night held in the lighthouse on the anniversary evening, running from £5:30 and costing £6:50 per head.

To book for either the tour or stovies events people should call the museum on 01346 511022 or by visiting reception.