Broch lifeboat sails through inspection

Fraserburgh Lifeboat.
Fraserburgh Lifeboat.

Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station had an interim inspection recently, passing with flying colours.

Divisional Operations Manager Paul Daly and Divisional Technical Manager Merv Parsons made their way North from the RNLI headquarters in Perth to put the Fraserburgh volunteer crew and boat through their paces.

They spent a day meticulously going through and assessing various organisational, operational and technical aspects of the station before going out on the Fraserburgh lifeboat the ‘Willie and May Gall’ on a cold and frosty night with some of the volunteer crew to observe the quality of their training at first hand.

They were very impressed with the way that the crew dealt with the different scenarios and delighted with the overall high standard of their training.

Mr Daly told the crew at a debriefing session at the end of the evening how much he enjoyed coming to Fraserburgh because there is always a warm welcome and a high level of commitment and enthusiasm.

He explained that the RNLI has regular interim inspections and they are of a supportive nature. He then gave an outline of what to expect in the forthcoming 5 yearly Coast review which will take place later this year.

A review of all the RNLI Lifeboat Stations takes place every five years by the RNLI Coast Review team and Fraserburgh’s is due in October 2013

The RNLI’s Coast Review team assess the ever-changing maritime life and what part the RNLI should play. They make the decisions on what sort of lifeboat should be based at Fraserburgh and make the decisions on opening and closing lifeboat stations.

Over the past 20 years, 45 new lifeboat stations have been opened by the RNLI, with only three closures.

The Coast Review team may be headed by Princess Anne’s husband, the chairman, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, and may include Mr Michael Vlasto, the Operations Director of the RNLI.

They will look around the Fraserburgh lifeboat the ‘Willie and May Gall’ and the station and spend time talking to members of the crew, the management committee, and representatives from the Fundraising Committee.

The Coast Review team will then talk about the past five years of the station, including all the call-outs that will have had taken place and also the future of the RNLI in Fraserburgh.