Broch Link-Up Youth F.C awards

Fraserburgh Link-Up Youth F.C are holding their registrationg night on Monday August 15.

The registration night starts at 6.30pm at James Ramsay Park and is for boys who are going into primary 2 born in 2005.

The get together is to give out information regarding the club like training and as spaces are limited it is available on a first come basis.

Fraserburgh Link-Up Youth F.C also had an end of season prize givings. The club would like to thank Donna Falconer for her years of service as secretary. Donna received a present from Ryan Wisely at the event.

Managers Player: Bruce Mair, Ewan Paterson, Colin Hendry,Blair Watson, Micael Silva, Ronald McQueen

Players Player: Drew Masson, John Cardno, Lewis Cruickshank, Colin Stewart

Most improved Player: Dominic Alford, David Slater, Liam Davidson, Dannie Duthie

Mark Dewar Award: Bailey Simpson, Robert Macdonald, Nathan Taylor, Ryan Cook

Darren Flett: Ryan Wisely, Ewan Paterson, Jack Green, Marco Del Testa

Managers Player: Liam Strachan, Logan Watt, Scott Murison, Jenson Simpson

Players Player: Donnie McRae, Logan Third, Owen Blackhall, Lewis Smith

Most Improved Player: Jamie Maclean, Dylan Rattray, Kyle Skinner, Billy Crockett

Mark Dewar Award: Harry Young, Sion Geddes, Thomas Smith/Sean

Darren Flett: Alex Ritchie, Andrew Dunbar, David Bray

Managers Player: U10 Ryan Downie, U11 Ryan Sargent

Players Player: U10 Scott Maclean, U11 Logan Reid

Most Improved Player: U10 Ryan Bray, U11 Shaun Cowie

Mark Dewar Award: U10 Brendan Buchan, U11 Jamie Duthie

Darren Flett: U10 Ryan Downie, U11 Jamie Bruce