Broch man celebrates his 100th birthday

Alberto Marioni celebrates his 100th birthday.
Alberto Marioni celebrates his 100th birthday.

A Fraserburgh man has celebrated his 100th birthday with family at the Heathhill Hotel and received gifts of behalf of the community recently.

Alberto Marioni - who used to run the Central Cafe in Fraserburgh - celebrated his birthday on September 22.

Mr Marioni was born in North Tuscany in 1913 and came to Fraserburgh at the age of eight. He came to the Broch with his older brother, Guido, and their parents. Alberto has lived in the town ever since.

Once in Fraserburgh, Alberto’s parents had three more sons: Peter, Charlie and Louis.

Alberto attended Fraserburgh North School, and later served as a British soldier in World War II. During his service, Alberto was deployed to North Africa and Italy.

Thereafter, Alberto ran the Central Cafe in Fraserburgh with his brother.

Alberto celebrated his milestone birthday by having a meal at the Heathhill Hotel with his family.

Fraserburgh and District councillor Charles Buchan visited Alberto during the celebration along with the Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, James Ingleby.

Alberto was presented with various gifts and greeting cards on his birthday, including a card from the Queen.

Commenting, Councillor Charles Buchan said: “I had the honour of attending a very special occasion on Sunday, the 100th birthday celebration for Mr Alberto Marioni, at the Inn at Heathhill.

“Alberto, a well-known Fraserburgh businessman, having operated the Central Cafe in the town centre, near to where Boots is now.

“He was born in 1913 in a village in North Tuscany, north of Pisa, and came to Fraserburgh aged 8, when his parents came here after the First World War.”