Broch man is shire’s first health development officer

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A FORMER Broch Community Warden began work as the area’s first Community Health Development Officer, taking up his appointment on March 7, in the Fraserburgh Development Trust (FDT).

Andrew Mackie will be tasked with helping to tackle health inequalities in the Fraserburgh area.

In partnership with other services and agencies, Andrew will provide encouragement and support to individuals, groups and local communities to identify, prioritise and address their own health and health-related needs.

He will work with agencies such as NHS Grampian’s Healthpoint (also based in the FDT Hub) and the community towards the goal of improving health in the Fraserburgh area.

Public health co-ordinator for the North Aberdeenshire area, Caroline Clark, said: “This new post allows us in NHS Grampian to work in a new way with the Fraserburgh community to begin to address some of the longstanding health issues.

“Good health is reliant on a number of factors such as education, finance, housing etc, therefore working with the Fraserburgh Development Trust and other agencies, allows NHS Grampian to take these into account.”

The community health development officer post is the first of its kind in Aberdeenshire, and so the Fraserburgh area is going to benefit from this pioneering position.

“It should become a more health conscious place with improvements in the general health of the population.

Andrew grew up in Fraserburgh and worked in the town as a Community Warden for four years prior to being appointed to the new post.

He is a well-known face in the area with an vast existing knowledge of community issues.

Embracing his position, Andrew said: “I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge of this exciting new role in the Fraserburgh area.”

The Fraserburgh Development Trust is working together with NHS Grampian. Whilst the FDT manage the post, NHS Grampian provides expertise and training for the officer.

The two organisations share the goal of improving the quality of life for people in the Fraserburgh area. Working together in this way allows them both to work towards achieving this goal.

Both organisations will play on each other’s strengths so that the community health development officer can provide the best possible support to the community.