Broch man to sleep rough for 30 days

Gordon Cruden will be living on the streets in five cities over 30 days
Gordon Cruden will be living on the streets in five cities over 30 days

A man from Fraserburgh will be sleeping rough in five cities across the country in a bid to raise awareness and money for charity.

Gordon Cruden, who is originally from the Broch, will be living on the streets in order to highlight the ‘desperation of homelessness’ as part of the ‘Hungry for the Homeless and Addicted’ challenge.

Mr Cruden will live without money, food, shelter, spare clothes, or a bed for 30 days, starting on Wednesday, October 21.

He will experience homeless life in London, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh.

Throughout the challenge, he will come alongside people sleeping rough, finding out what led to their situation, and telling their stories through Facebook.

His own progress will also be updated on social media.

Mr Cruden, area manager of addition recovery charity Teen Challenge North East Scotland, is also trying to raise funds for the purchase of female addition recovery centre, Benaiah, just outside of Mintlaw.

The campaign, Buy Benaiah, has raised around a third of the £535,000 total so that the charity can buy the property to provide ‘hurting women with residential support’ on a permanent basis.

Mr Cruden said: “It’s one thing to hear about people’s problems, but it’s another thing to feel it. It will allow me to feel the harsh realities homeless people have to deal with.

“All kinds of circumstances can play a part in pushing people on the streets, but at the centre of each case you’ll find a lonely and hurting individual desperately in need of help and support.

“We often welcome people from the streets into our addiction recovery facilities so I also aim to raise cash for Benaiah, where broken women can have their lives dramatically changed.”