Broch on brink of huge population expasion

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Fraserburgh could be on the brink of a huge population expansion following the revival of plans for a 600-home development on the outskirts of the Broch.

Developers Knight Frank have lodged a Proposal of Application notice with Aberdeenshire Council, signalling their intention to submit detailed plans for the scheme.

If approved, the plans would see the creation of 600 homes as well as four hectares of employment land and land reserved for a primary school and health centre.

Proposals for the Kirkton site, which is situated south of Fraserburgh’s Boothy Road, were first mooted a number of years ago.

However, Knight Frank are now reviving the proposed development and will be drawing up a detailed masterplan on behalf of landowner Kirkton Developments over the next three to four months.

If the scheme gets the go-ahead, Colaren Properties will bring forward a detailed plan for the first phase of 120 houses.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Knight Frank said the scheme is still in its early stages and that they are keen to hear the views of the local community in shaping the development.

As part of this community engagement process, local residents will be able to see the plans for the first time at a public exhibition, to be held on Wednesday, June 18, at the Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh.

It is expected that the plans will draw inspiration from the village of Poundbury near Dorchester, whose design ideas were influenced by ideas from the Prince of Wales, and seek to capture a village-style feel for the scheme.

Commenting, Senior Planner Gary Purves said: “We’re now looking to bring forward a masterplan for the whole site, which will be our vision for how Fraserburgh can grow over the next 10 years and beyond.

“We think this will create a sustainable expansion of the town because it will contain a mix of uses. For example, it’s not just housing but also business land and land reserved for a school and health centre.”

“It’s important to say that the plans are at an early stage and we are looking for local people to help us shape the vision for the future development of the town,” he added.