Broch organisations get reunion donation

Fiona Buchan and Stuart Fenty with Jane Wiseman at the Starfish Shoppie.
Fiona Buchan and Stuart Fenty with Jane Wiseman at the Starfish Shoppie.

Two organisations in the Broch are set to benefit from a donation following a recent Fraserburgh Academy reunion event.

The money raised at the reunion has been split between the Starfish Project and the Westfield School in Fraserburgh.

A total of £215.60 has been donated to each organisation.

The money was raised through ticket sales for the reunion.

Organisers asked those attending the reunion where they wanted the proceeds of the event to go to.

The reunion, which was held at the Fraserburgh Leisure Centre recently, brought together former classmates who began their studies at Fraserburgh Academy in 1975.

As well as monies from this year’s reunion, proceeds from the last reunion 10 years ago has also been included in the donation to the Starfish Project and Westfield School.

Fiona Buchan and Stuart Fenty, who helped to organise the school reunion presented a cheque to Starfish Shoppie manager Jane Wiseman recently.

Commenting, Fiona Buchan said: “It was great to see so many people turn up.

“About 50 people turned up this time but 125 people came to the last reunion 10 years ago.

“Here’s hoping we’re all here for the next one in 10 years’ time!”

Jane Wiseman, who runs the Starfish Shoppie, commented: “We feel absolutely privilidged to have received this donation.

“It came as a huge surprise to use. We’d like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.”

The Starfish Shoppie, which expanded to open a second shop in Fraserburgh recently, helps to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Kenya. The project supports 12 Kenyan children at present.