Broch pair run for Huntington’s charity

Fraserburgh girls Elaine Watt and her niece, Nicole Murray (9), have raised money for the Scottish Huntington’s Association, recently.

Friday, 13th December 2013, 2:07 pm
Elaine Watt and Nicole Murray.

On Sunday, December 8, they joined in with hundreds of Santas hitting the streets of Aberdeen in the Wild Hearts Santa Run.

Elaine and Nicole have, so far, collected more than £1,000 but the money is still rolling in

Scottish Huntington’s Association is the only charity in the country supporting families with the degenerative brain disorder Huntington’s Disease (HD). This disease is particularly prevalent in the Scottish Highlands and team member Kelly from Inverness, has a very personal reason for persuading her friends and family to help the charity out.

HD is a hereditary progressive condition that causes changes to muscle control, thinking processes and can cause long-term mental health issues.

The average age of onset is between 33 and 45 and those living with the condition will require 24 hour care as it progresses into its later stages. Each child of someone diagnosed with HD is at 50% risk of developing the condition themselves. There is no cure.

The charity provided the following statement: “Elaine and Nicole are an inspiration and the Scottish Huntington’s Association are proud of them.

“As a small Scottish charity we are so reliant on the fundraising efforts of individuals and really appreciate the effort this family have made. We have lots of exciting events happening in the near future and are always looking for more people to be involved.”