Broch pastor receives honorary doctorate from India

A Fraserburgh pastor has received an honorary doctorate from one of India's most prestigious learning schools for his humanitarian work.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 10:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 10:51 am

Denis Beedie, 68, was surprised to receive the honour from the Apostolic Theological Seminary in New Delhi on December 17 during his latest trip to the country.

Mr Beedie said: “It was really nice to meet all the students there.

“All of the 43 graduate students who have the call of God in their lives.”

Before receiving the doctoral degree in Sacred Theology (honoris causa) the pastor addressed the graduating students, their families and staff at the seminary.

Dr Paogin Mangte, President of the Seminary, said: “We were delighted and honoured to have Dr Beedie from Scotland address our Students and especially so since Scotland was known as the `Land of the Book` by past generations, and our whole aim here at Apostolic Seminary is to instil in our students a deep love, regard and understanding of the Holy Bible.

“The Executive Board of our Theological Seminary deemed it pertinent therefore to honour Dr Beedie who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible, with this honorary degree in Sacred Theology”.

Pastor beedie was keen to praise the students at the seminary from which her received his doctorate.

He said: “Quite a lot of them actually do work in Nepal and the areas that have the earthquakes and also on the Burmese border.”

Mr Beedie has spent over 44 years in the Christian Ministry and has ministered almost exclusively amongst the Asian communities worldwide for more than 33 years.

He will return to India later this year and is also arranging Missions to Bangladesh, Burma and the Philippines.

Mr Beedie worked as an apprentice Broch baker before he pastored the former Fraserburgh Church, Healing Waters ,for nine years.