Broch raise over £9,600 for Lifeboat

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The generosity of Brochers has helped Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station raise just over £9,600 in the last three months.

Alec Ledingham, NDT Inspection Supervisor on NSP Maculloch, Maersk FPSO, presented a cheque of £500 to Victor Sutherland, Coxswain, on Wednesday March 2 at the Broch Lifeboat Station bringing the total raised since the Boxing Day Dip up to £9,609.69.

Alec told the Herald how approximately 150 crew participate annually to raise funds for 12 chosen charities, he said: “We have raffles on board every year and approximately 150 crew participate in buying these, the money raised from the sale of the raffles is then topped up by the welfare committee to make a total of £6,000. “When a raffle is bought, a charity is nominated and at the end of the year the nominees are put into a hat and 12 are selected.

“Being a local lad, I had nominated Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station so was absolutely delighted when they were chosen.”

The Broch Lifeboat Crew have been pro-active in their approach to fund-raising and succeeded in securing a total of £8,992.69 from three recent events, the Boxing Day Dip, the RNLI’s SOS Day and a bowling competition.

The Boxing Day Dip raised a whopping £7,381.69 with seven crew members being joined by seventeen Brochers to swim from the lifeboat jetty to the boat’s berth in sub zero temperatures. This was followed by the third annual supper to mark RNLI’s annual SOS Day, when approximately one hundred people enjoyed a fine traditional supper raising £1,210 and finally the Bowling Competition held at Fraserburgh Leisure Centre which had been organised by George Pirie, attracted over fifty competitors raising £401. A further donation of £117 was also received from the crew of the Stenna Spey, bringing the total up to the fantastic sum in excess of £9,600,

Commenting on the most recent donation from NSP Maculloch, Coxswain Victor Sutherland said: “We are all very pleased that the RNLI have been recognised by NSP Maculloch as such a worthy cause, with three of their twelve donations going to RNLI stations we send them a big thank you. The RNLI rely solely on public donations and the support we get in the Broch is phenomenal, we all really appreciate this.”