Broch Skate Club on a quest to fix the skatepark

The stairs leading up to the skatepark showing subsidence
The stairs leading up to the skatepark showing subsidence

Broch Skate Club is on a mission tim, improve its deteriorating facilities in the town.

The group was founded last year with the specific aim of taking on part ownership of the existing skate park.

Its short-term goal was to tidy up the present skate park with a longer aim to provide better facilities in the town for skaters.

A club spokesman told the Herald: “With such a deterioration of the current facility, and with significant demand from local skate, in-line and BMX riders, the skate park users feel Fraserburgh once again has the opportunity to create a nationally-recognised skate facility.

“Fraserburgh is already recognised as a prime location for surf and wind sports and has been successful in attracting significant national surfing and kiting competitions.

“The creation of a new skate park will further cement Fraserburgh’s growing reputation as a premier extreme sports location, attracting further events, bolstering tourism and enhancing the image of the town.”

To start achieving their short-term goals, the club has been looking at ways of fixing the bumps at the bottoms of all the ramps at the park. .

One solution has been the use of Cataloy as a temporary fix which has been tried on one of the ramps and seems to be holding up well.

If it continues to work well the club is looking to undertake this throughout the rest of the park as a temporary fix.

On a more long-term goal the club is to have core samples taken to provide valuable information on the long-term stability of the ground on which to build a skate park.

However, providing better facilities costs money, so the Broch Skate Club would like to invite everyone along to the RAFA Club on May 20 when they will be holding their first fundraising event.

The spokesman continued: “We can only achieve our aims through financial support and our first fundraising event is a quiz night in the RAFA club starting at 7pm.”

If you wish to enter a team or donate a prize, contact Linda Harrison on 01346 516631.