Broch star sets sail on stage career

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A stage star from Fraserburgh has landed her dream job of sailing the high seas while performing aboard a new luxury cruise ship.

Elly Jay, 20, originally Elly Jamieson, will entertain guests on P&O’s new Brittania Cruise Ship as it sails all over Europe between March and September.

Elly said: “It’s a fantastic job and an amazing opportunity, people pay a lot of money to go on cruise ships and you want to ensure that they have a great time.

“In Fraserburgh, everyone is coming up to me asking about my new job – it’s very exciting.”

The former Fraserburgh Academy pupil dedicates her latest success to her biggest fan, granny Lorraine Robertson, as well as her mother Amanda, who passed away when Elly was aged 14, and father Johnny.

Elly said: “My granny attended all the shows in which I performed when I was down in Edinburgh training at The MGA Academy – she would get the Megabus down and never miss a performance.

“I’m determined like my mum and dad and I hope that I’ve made my mum proud.”

The Broch starlet was once a member of K Dance, 6.1.0 Dance Academy, the Broch church choir Angels, and Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society.

She then went on to study in Edinburgh at the MGA Academy of Performing Arts.

Elly said: “There is plenty of hard work ahead of me, but it has taken a big effort to get to this stage in my career.

“A lot of people think that dancing and prancing around is easy and a barrel of laughs, but, at The MGA Academy, you’re in each morning and you’re there to work hard to be the best you can be.”

Elly says that she only knew three musicals when she first auditioned for the performing arts college and was and was surprised to be accepted.

She said: “I like to think they saw that I was determined from the beginning.

“I now feel that sort of determination is all you need to get to where you want to be.”

Elly added: “For anyone who wants to have a career on stage, the most nerve-racking, difficult step to take – especially when you are 16, like I was – is to audition to get into a performing arts college.

“However, that first trip to The MGA Academy in Edinburgh changed my life.”

Andrew Gowland, Managing Director of The MGA Academy, said: “Watching Elly develop into a successful actress, singer and dancer has been a continuous source of joy for me.”