Broch woman to take part in Kenya adventure

Emmie Davidson.
Emmie Davidson.

A young woman from Fraserburgh has been chosen as one of only four volunteers to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to support children in Kenya.

Seventeen-year-old Emmie Davidson will begin her adventure on Saturday, March 29, when, along with three other volunteers, she will travel to the Kenyan town of Embu.

Emmie first heard about the EVS Embu project, which is run by the Moving Mountains Trust, through the Fraserburgh Volunteers Centre online bulletin.

After submitting her application, Emmie was interviewed via Skype and, within two weeks, was chosen as one of just four volunteers from across the UK.

The seventeen-year-0ld will be supporting young children at a school and rescue centre during the eight-and-a-half month, fully-funded visit.

In the weeks before travelling to the African country, Emmie had no fewer than nine vaccinations for the trip.

When she begins her trip this Saturday, Emmie will travel to Kenya with the other volunteers who are taking part in the eight-and-a-half-month project. She will be joined by three others, who are from Aberdeen, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Commenting, Emmie said: “I’m nervous but mostly just excited about the trip.

“I think it’ll be amazing to work with the children and all the other volunteers who are going out there as well.

“I think it’ll be quite hard to leave the children at the end.

“It’ll be hard to leave friends and family behind but I’m going to keep focused on the children in Embu to try and stop me from feeling homesick.”

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