Brochers backing rail link

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Brochers have spoken in favour of a potential rail link to Aberdeen via Peterhead, Ellon or both.

It had been reported previously that councillors on Aberdeenshire’s infrastructure services committee backed calls to investigate the possibility of re-establishing a connection between Ellon and Aberdeen, which last ran in 1979. The route is currently used as a walking and cycle path, and runs between Fraserburgh and Aberdeen, passing through Ellon.

While the feasability study may not lead to the re-establishment of a direct link to and from Fraserburgh, Brochers were positive on the benefits of one should it become a reality in the future.

Fraserburgh and district councillors had previously commented on the potential link. Fraserburgh and District Councillor Brian Topping said: “I’m delighted my colleagues have raised this. I’ve raised this ever since I was elected in 1984, even before Aberdeenshire Council was on the go.

“I raised it two or three times last year and I raised it this year. Some people see it as a dream but I think we should keep it to the fore. Just look at the Borders, they also pushed for a rail link.

“Grampian Regional Council had a policy to make sure no-one could buy the line so the railway could be resurrected. Over the years, bits of land have been snapped up. But you could still get a station in Fraserburgh.

“This is something I’ve never given up on. I’m delighted with the news, it is now firmly on the agenda.”

Councillor Charles Buchan said: “I think this rail link is now especially worthwhile, with increasing road journey times due to congestion, with new ideas on carbon usage, and with the never-ending spiral of road fuel costs. The extra revenue from the Fraserburgh Link would help to make the Aberdeen-Peterhead link more economically viable.

“The whole climate of opinion on rail provision has changed in the last few years, and the popularity of rail travel can be seen from the success of the new Borders-Edinburgh Link, and the passenger data from the Aberdeen-Dyce-Huntly line. This would make Fraserburgh more accessible, for visitors, but more importantly, for commercial and industrial concerns, and would be an additional positive element to add to Fraserburgh’s already strong case for attracting new enterprises, including the Off-Shore Wind Operations and Maintainance sector.”

Councillor Ian Tait said: “I’ve raised this at the Council before. I think the rail line should come to Fraserburgh if that were possible.

“As far as Fraserburgh is concerned, part of the line is now a road. So a new place for a station would have to be found. As many transport links as possible is a good thing as manufacturers would have a choice in how to get their goods down south.My desire would be to get the line up to Fraserburgh. There’s no reason why the study shouldn’t include Fraserburgh.”

“A rail link to Aberdeen or Inverurie can only be beneficial for Fraserburgh. Just think. No stressful drive for commuters and money saved on hotels on a night out! Its a win win situation, isn’t it?” said Fiona Gordon Buchan.

Sam Alexander added: “I think it’s a fantastic idea, even if not all the daily commuters used it, some (hopefully 40-50% and above) would and that would make a big difference to travel conditions [just now], I for one would use it with my kids as well.”

Amanda Waller echoed those sentiments, saying: “We would love to see a rail link especially now there are more people travelling to work to Aberdeen and surrounding area with the rising fuel costs!” Amanda Waller

Final word went to Stuart Fenty, commenting: “Great idea but doubt if it would be cost effective to do it from the Broch. Even if it was from Peterhead or even Ellon it would be a huge benefit. Imagine the cost of putting all the bridges back, laying the tracks and building a new station. Shame it was all done away with before. For all the commuters it would be a huge boost.”