Buchan butchers in for Pie Club awards

Bert Fowlie staff members with some of their pies.
Bert Fowlie staff members with some of their pies.

Bruce of the Broch and Bert Fowlie have been shortlisted to win prizes at the Scotch Pie Club Awards 2013.

The competition was hot this year with a record 500 pies, pastries, sausage rolls, bridies and savouries entered by more than 100 of bakers and butchers across Scotland. For the first time, the Scotch Pie Club opened the competition to the makers of football pies with many of the top clubs represented alongside smaller, more local clubs and even junior teams.

Commenting, Mr Fowlie said: “The Scotch Pie Club has been on the go for many years now. It’s a high-profile event and has brought the profile of pies up a bit which is good for butchers and bakers.

“It’s a successful competition for us. It gets people speaking about the products and it’s good for our staff as well.”

Head Judge Robert Ross said “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many products we had to consider but thankfully the judges were up to the job and we managed to sniff, squeeze and taste all the entries to ensure that only the best of the best will be awarded prizes.

“We were delighted with the overall quality of the entries and we even had our taste-buds challenged with one bakers’ take on surf and turf, a “snail and prawn pie.”