Business apologises for Glover error


One of the town’s most famous sons, Thomas Blake Glover has been attracting tourists to Fraserburgh for many years, with the Heritage Centre dedicating a display to the ‘Scottish Samurai’.

However, it was discovered last week that an Aberdeen business mistakenly listen Thomas Blake Glover as an Aberdeen-born entrepreneur.

The business, which makes handmade kilts and Highland wear, said on a news article dated March 5, 2012 that Thomas Blake Glover was born in Aberdeen, referring to him later as “Thomas Blake Glover of Aberdeen.”

On Friday, April 6, responded to the error on an email - carrying the same mistake - sent out, saying on their Facebook page: “Yesterday (April 5) we sent out an email which covered our new Tartan Cufflinks and talked about our connection with Nagasaki, Japan.

“We mistakenly stated that Thomas Glover was born in Aberdeen. In fact he was born in Fraserburgh and we would like to thank Linda Gibb for drawing our attention to the error. We’ll also add this apology to our next email.”

The Fraserburgh Herald had contacted Kiltmakers for clarification on the mistake in the morning of Friday, April 6.

On the Facebook group ‘Fraserburgh photos through the years’, group members had been posting about the mistake since the afternoon of Thursday, April 5.

You can discover more on the story of Thomas Blake Glover by visiting the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre, which is now open for the new season.

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