A vision for 2012

Last week we asked the people of Fraserburgh what they would like to see for the town in 2012.

There were varied opinions comprising CCTV, anti-social behaviour and community spirit. Since then other residents in the area have written to the Herald to give their opinion on what they would like to see this year in Fraserburgh.

Resident Charles Reid told us: ”I would like to see more events in the town, perhaps a music festival of sorts along the lines of the Leith Jazz Festival model which sees bars hold different acts rotating round the participating venues over two or three days.

“I also think a regular market down in Saltoun Square would be good and may see traders move into some of the empty shops if they find they have good custom in the Broch.

“We have for years had the vintage car rally but I would like to see a custom/classic motorcycle show being held in the Broch and this is something I would be willing to be involved in as would others I would imagine.”

Furthermore local man Kristopher Taylor said: “What happened to Hogmanay in Fraserburgh?

“All you see at 12 midnight down town is a smallish crowd of youngsters, some older, boarded-up shops and an army of police!

“Why can’t we act like a proper community, as it was years ago? We could have: a band playing as before; hot food (burger van); seats etc for older people; firework display at 12; stalls etc, small shows of entertainment; shops open most of the night. They managed it before!

“Instead of this terrible 40 people standing around, with no fireworks, no bell ring or anything.

“If we would take in a band, food, light the place up like any other town or city does we could have a proper enjoyable night.

“Families would come down, and the town would get together like they did just not that long ago.”

If you have an opinion on what you think would benefit the town in 2012, write to:

The editorial team, 60 High Street, Fraserburgh, AB43 9HP

or email: