Allard praises Aldi’s Scottish fish drive

C Allard MSP buying a monkfish
C Allard MSP buying a monkfish

North East MSP Christian Allard has written to Aldi welcoming their recent advertisement backing Scottish fish. Mr Allard is a vocal supporter of the Scottish fishing industry and often takes the opportunity to encourage people to buy locally and eat Scottish fish.

As part of their Best of Scotland range, Aldi are selling Campbells fish including cod and haddock. The supermarket commissioned full-page adverts in local newspapers which stated “we guarantee that our fresh fish is 100% traceable to Scottish waters, so you can rest assured you’re bringing only the best of Scotland to your table.”

M r Allard worked in the Scottish fishing industry for more than 20 years before entering the Scottish Parliament. He used one of his first speeches to specifically encourage people to eat Scottish fish.

The SNP MSP welcomed the move from Aldi in Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink and welcomed their efforts to reinforce the positive message that Scotland’s fish are back in size and quantity.

Commenting, Christian Allard said:

“Fishing is a vital part of many coastal communities in the North East and beyond.

“I have called for everyone to support our fishermen and do all they can to ensure that people buy locally and eat Scottish fish.

“That is why it is great to see Aldi taking this positive step supporting Campbells and backing the Scottish fishing industry.

“It is important to get the message out that Scottish fish are back both in size and quantity – especially in Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink.”