Blake Glover book bids to boost Broch tourism

Malcolm McKillopm with his Thomas Blake Glover book
Malcolm McKillopm with his Thomas Blake Glover book

A book which celebrates one of Fraserburgh’s most famous sons has been reprinted after 20 years in a bid to entice tourism to the area.

Last Friday seen the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre relaunch their tourism book about Thomas Blake Glover, the famous Brocher who played a large part in the industrialisation of Japan and the Mitsubishi.

The book, written by Malcolm McKillop, was first printed in 1994 after Mr McKillop became interested in the industrialist while helping to put together a famous Brochers pamphlet to celebrate 400 years since Fraserburgh got its name.

Mr McKillop said: “I continued around two years of research because I was fascinated with the story.”

He added: “From 1992 to 94 I did countless research, letters to all over the place - even Japan.

“There was no internet in those days, it was all letters, I would wait two weeks on a reply - but they did reply, especially Japan and especially Mitsubishi.”

With interest in Blake Glover heightening again Mr McKillop and the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre hope that the relaunch of this tourism book will help draw Japanese tourists to the Fraserburgh area.

Mr McKillop said: “Our aim was to tie in all tourist routes that his family took.

“We have had limited success in attracting Japanese tourists to this corner but we hope that this initiative will kick-start Japanese tourism to this corner.”

Fraserburgh Councillor Charles Buchan also spoke at the launch day on behalf of the Provost of Aberdeenshire Hamish Vernal.

Cllr Buchan said: “We are delighted to support the relaunch of the book and I hope it does very very well.

“Not only for financial reasons but because it’s something to bring Fraserburgh and Aberdeenshire to public notice because Glover is a big figure - there is a market there that we should be exploiting.”