Boxing clever with book adaptation

Lee with two of his kick-boxing belts and his new book
Lee with two of his kick-boxing belts and his new book

A Fraserburgh trained kick-boxer has written and published a novel about a fighter in the north-east - with a film adaptation in the works.

Lee Cooper wrote Granite Grit, the tale of a down-on-his-luck boxer who gets mixed up in the world of underground fighting, in just 11 months.

He recently self-published it, with it catching the eye of Glasgow based film screenwriter Robert Beedham.

Mr Beedham is currently working on adapting the book into a film script ahead of securing funding for the project in the near future.

Paperback versions are available at the Fraserburgh Fitness Centre (as well as his Facebook page, Lee-Cooper-Author), where Mr Cooper trained with the centre’s owner Albert Ross.

Under Mr Ross, Lee won two Scottish titles and a Celtic one in kick-boxing.

Lee suffered mental health issues after his mother and grandmother were diagnosed with cancer in the same year. This is somewhat mirrored in the book as the protagonist also deals with mental problem.

“It is a stretch for me to say that I have based the book on my life,” Lee says, “but the narrative’s emotional core was ripped right out of my experience with fighting back from mental health problems.

“However, I was able to put my life back on track and turn my attention to this literary project of a lifetime.

“There’s something in the story for everyone, from those hooked to boxing right through to those with no interest in the sport, but a burning passion for raw and dark fiction.

E-book versions are available from Amazon.

He is currently working towards getting the novel into bookstores, with Waterstones in Aberdeen expressing an interest.