Broch bar shortlisted for national award

Cheers Bar proprietor Dennis Forsyth.
Cheers Bar proprietor Dennis Forsyth.

A Fraserburgh pub has been nominated for a national award where they will compete against the top bars in the UK.

Cheers Bar will be up against 94 other pubs in the UK for the National Pub & Bar Awards organised by Pub & Bar magazine.

Dennis Forsyth, owner of Cheers Bar, said: “We’ve won 25 national awards over the last five years but this one took me by surprise because we’re doing a lot of work expanding the business onto High Street.”

He added: “We tick all the boxes, that’s why we do so well - we cater for everyone.

“In a small town like Fraserburgh you can’t specialise in one thing so we specialise in everything.”

The National Pub & Bar Awards is set to be one of the more prestigious awards on the circuit with the Grand Final being held at London’s BAFTA theatre on May 24.

Mr Forsyth says he has been busy improving different aspects of the bar, which now sells over 300 whiskys and has designed a 40 page booklet on his whiskys that he believes is unique in the industry.

The pub owner says that the recognition his bar receives is good for the town and he hopes to continue working with other businesses to bring visitors to Fraserburgh.

The pub should also have a capacity of 700 when the expansion on to High Street is complete.

Mr Forsyth said: “It’s a good asset for the town.

“The ideal thing is to give Fraserburgh a venue that will attract people to the town.”

He added: “It should be a positive thing for the town.

“You could see a lot of people coming to the town and then going to visit other places of interest in the town.”

On the award itself Mr Forsyth said: “You just never know.

“At the end of the day I’m building up the business to be very strong.”

Cheers will now compete to be crowned the overall national Pub & bar of the Year as well as being in the running for one of 12 Regional Winners.

Tristan O’Hana, Editor of Pub & Bar magazine, said: “These pubs represent all that is great about the modern on-trade.

“You can only imagine the fantastic variety of operations we have discovered through the judging process – it’s been an absolute pleasure to investigate just how all of these incredible operators run their businesses.”

Scotland represents the hardest of the 12 regional categories with 32 out of the 94 pubs in that section.