Broch coastal path “must be kept open”

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A Fraserburgh councillor has insisted that an eroding coastal path “must be kept open” to save tourism as the council propose a new route.

The path linking the harbour to the Wine Tower and the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses was damaged in a storm three years ago and has been eroding ever since.

The council now propose to close the path and build an alternative less scenic route via Bath Street and Castle Street - moving it away from its existing coastal trail.

Charles Buchan, Councillor for Fraserburgh and District, said: “This important link from the harbour to the Wine Tower, and the historic Kinnaird Head tourist attractions such as the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, and the Fraserburgh Heritage Museum, as well as the coastal path linkage to the Conservation Area of Broadsea, must be kept open.”

The councillor believes his proposal to keep the existing path open with money spent on safety fencing would be a cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing solution.

He said: ““Residents and tourists use the path because of the spectacular views, and the proximity to the exceptional late medieval period Wine Tower and Kinnaird Head Castle.

“The proposed path only gives views of a fairly dull industrial area.”

His concerns are shared by the Chair of the Fraserburgh Tourist Group Lynda McGuigan who hopes the path can remain open to help the tourist industry in the area.

Ms McGuigan said: “It would take people away from the shore, away from the lighthouse and away from the harbour.

“It’s the only coastal road through Fraserburgh so I think we should keep it.”

Ms McGuigan fears that in the re-routing of the coastal path could have a negative effect on the tourist industry she is hoping to build in the Broch.

She said: “It would be shame to lose it.

“it goes from the lighthouse right through to the harbour and it would be nice to have a coastal path.”