Broch in CR Smith adverts

Represented by the common crane, Fraserburgh is the latest famous place to feature in the nationwide ‘Window to Scotland’ campaign launched by leading home improvements firm, CR Smith, together with Edinburgh Trams.

For the next two years, the long-established Scottish firm is wrapping Edinburgh’s Trams in highly visual artwork that pairs dramatic and surprising Scottish imagery not only to reflect the geographical spread of CR Smith’s customer base, but also to celebrate Scotland’s soul and personality.

The common crane, which has re-established breeding grounds in the North East, appears in the latest designs running on the tram tracks and is paired with Glasgow’s Finnieston Crane, with the caption ‘from Fraserburgh to Finnieston’.

In addition to the trams, the vivid images will appear on CR Smith’s fleet of 50 new Mercedes vans and in a planned television campaign later this year.