Business Minister promises projects

Young’s Seafood greatly reduced their Fraserburgh workforce last year, after losing a major contract from Sainsbury’s.

The Scottish Government set up a Fraserburgh Task Force, and Business Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, said after its final meeting: “I was pleased to meet with members of the Fraserburgh Task Force today. Those involved recognised the effectiveness of measures introduced to support workers, businesses and communities which were impacted by the reduction of operations at Young’s Seafood.

“A clear consensus emerged that we must now move on to the next stage of support for the Fraserburgh area.

“The coordinated action between the Scottish Government, local government, support agencies and local communities, facilitated through the task force over the last 14 months, helped mitigate the worst of the impact to the local economy.

“The task force has agreed that the original aims of the group, in respect to responding to the immediacy of the situation, have been met with many of the affected workforce finding alternative employment, but work will continue in a coordinated manner to target support to the remaining 7% of those affected who remain unemployed or have suffered a significant loss of income.”

“This will include plans to take forward discussions around a few specific projects that have been identified as having the potential to bring wider economic impacts for the area, namely a proposed seafood centre of excellence, an electronic auction system at Fraserburgh harbour and increasing landings into Scottish ports to sustain the vitally important employment in the processing sector.