Cable project backed by Broch leaders

A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.
A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.

Work on a major £2.6million project to build an electricity cable at Fraserburgh Harbour has been welcomed by local community leaders.

The project is set to begin in March and, once up and running, will mean the electricity used by firms will no longer need to come from generators.

At present, businesses at the Harbour use generators to augment their current power supply.

The new £2.6m cable is being funded by Marine Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council and Harbour Commissioners.

Commenting, Harbour Master Andrew Ironside said: “The shortage of this basic utility has created problems in the port for businesses and fishing vessel owners.

“More than one business has had to hire in generators to allow their operations to continue at full capacity. This cannot be ideal.

“Thanks to support from Marine Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Enterprise along with the Harbour, we are now nearing the stage when this essential project can begin.

“All going well we expect completion by summer 2015.”

Councillor Brian Topping commented: “I’m obviously delighted that this massive investment is taking place and I was part of the decision-making for this to go ahead.

“As a commissioner and a councillor on the Board at the time, I was pushing for this.”

“I think this show that the Board is very forward-looking and I hope this will help local businesses because if you have a good, vibrant Harbour, you have a good, vibrant town.”

Councillor Charles Buchan added: “I’m pleased that this is going ahead and that things have been settled.

“It has been a big negative element in terms of the growth of Fraserburgh business because companies don’t want to commit to expansion without a guaranteed power supply.

“I’m doing all I can to bolster the efforts of Aberdeenshire Council who is a partner in this project.”