Consumer testing puts Scottish haddock on top

Seafood Scotland has always believed that Scottish haddock is the best, but a series of consumer panels carried out for the organisation in Scotland and England by independent consumer research companies Consumer Panel Elite and England Marketing , shows that consumers agree with them!

The research was carried out in February and June and blind tested Scottish product against haddock from Norway, the Faeroes and Iceland.

In all the tests, which used a number of different cooking methods, Scottish haddock came out on top. Full results are awaited from the latest panel, but preliminary findings show Scotland as the clear winner in terms of taste and texture.

This is good news for Scottish fishermen, who are benefitting from an increase in quota this year of 4,480 tonnes, plus an additional 2,500 tonnes in species swaps with other countries.

The results will be used by Seafood Scotland to shape marketing effort in conjunction with Scottish processors.

This will help industry to create greater awareness of the product amongst the retail, wholesale and fish & chip sectors.

Research findings also demonstrate that consumers associate salmon with Scotland but not haddock, and that they are aware of an issue with discards thanks to recent media interest.

They also understand the need for product to be sustainable, but have little or no recall of third party labels such as MSC, and are confused over catch terms such as ‘line caught’.

Libby Woodhatch, CEO of Seafood Scotland said: “I have every confidence in the quality and taste of our product and am very pleased that the consumer panel testing confirmed it.