Electricity cable boost for economy

A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.
A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.

Workmen will start installing a long-awaited upgrade to the electricity cable that supplies power to Fraserburgh harbour on Monday.

Work will begin on August 3 on the project which is part of a £2.6 million plan that will help bring economic growth to the harbour area.

John Murison, the Harbour Superintendent said: “We are delighted to see this. Without this addition there can be no further growth.”

Mr Murison, who has been involved in trying to bring more power to the harbour for over 5 years, added: “The electricity supply to the harbour area is currently inadequate and is having adverse effects on businesses wishing to expand.”

The laying of the electricity cable is expected to take 12 weeks at a cost of £1.5 million, while a further £1.1 million has been allocated to maintaining it and improving the harbour in, including making it safer.

The push for the multi-million pound project was led by Fraserburgh Harbour Board, a consortium of Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Enterprise, and Marine Scotland.

Councillor Charles Buchan, Chair of the Council’s Fisheries Working Group, said: “This will be very worth while for Fraserburgh’s economic development because the harbour industries are a large contributor to the towns economy.”

Cllr Buchan added “For many years, development in the very important harbour industrial area has been limited by the lack of capacity in the electricity supply. Cut-offs occur at inconvenient periods due to over demand.”

He added: “I am just delighted and congratulations are to be given to all the officers and officials who have pushed this on and persevered over it.”