Ewing conducts Broch jobs meetings

The Young's Seafood factory in Fraserburgh
The Young's Seafood factory in Fraserburgh

Business Minister Fergus Ewing today held two meetings with local businesses and seafood sector businesses to discuss job opportunities in Fraserburgh.

Mr Ewing heard from businesses in the area about current vacancies, plans to create new jobs and ideas on how to develop business.

Mr Ewing said: ““I came here today to meet with a cross section of businesses from Fraserburgh and surrounding area, and with the seafood sector, to hear first-hand about local job opportunities and market conditions.

“With a major jobs fair in a fortnight to help Young’s staff and local people find new employment, it’s imperative there is a slick and effective process to capture and advertise vacancies widely.”

A jobs fair will take place at the College in Fraserburgh on January 28 as part of the Fraserburgh Task Force.

Working with PACE the job fair aims to help the 650 Young’s workers losing their jobs at the seafood plant find future employment.

Mr Ewing said: “We continue to support Young’s staff in their bid to stay in work through our initiative for responding to redundancy situations, Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE).

“PACE is providing on site skills development and employability support to all Young’s Seafood staff.”

He continued: “Local companies also told me of their priorities to increase competitiveness and I took away useful and practical suggestions to feed in to the emerging Economic Recovery Plan for the area.”