Fraserburgh Communtiy Council complain over "ugly" cladding

The proposed rusted steel cladding at Fraserburgh's town house
The proposed rusted steel cladding at Fraserburgh's town house

Fraserburgh Community Council have written to the Shire council asking for the rusted steel cladding to be removed for the new town house design.

The letter was written by George Esslemont, the former Secretary of the Community Council who resigned in protest of the design.

The plans will see a rusted steel structure attached to town house in Saltoun Square as part of the Fraserburgh Regeneration project.

In the letter Mr Esslemont writes that the Community Council voted six votes against two with one abstention against the steel cladding, wanting the rusted steel removed from the project.

Mr Esslemont wrote: “The rusted steel cladding is ugly, not needed and is a waste of money; detracts from the appearance and amenity of the nearby housing estate.”

The Community Council intend to contact the funding partners and ask them to take steps to remove the rusted steel cladding from the design as soon as possible.

The Community Council state that the funding partners “use the money for a more suitable purpose to enhance the heritage of the town Centre.”

However the letter did also state that the Community Council supports the regeneration project as a whole with the exception of the cladding.

Banff and Buchan Area Manager Margaret-Jane Cardno said that up until this point no concerns had been raised by the community regarding the design.

She said: “The glazing and steel sheeting that have been chosen for the exciting refurbishment of these two very run-down buildings will allow some of the original historic buildings to show through and will maximise the natural light within.

“The extension’s finishes have also taken into account the character of the buildings’ surroundings within the Fraserburgh Conservation Area.

“The design and use of these materials was fully considered as part of the planning process, which included engagement with the local community council, and up until this point there have been no concerns put forward.”