Fraserburgh councillor blames “lack of forward planning” as former centre lies empty

Councillor Brian Topping
Councillor Brian Topping

A Fraserburgh councillor has hit out at the lack of “forward planning” by the council which has seen the town’s former Family Centre lie empty for months.

Councillor Brian Topping said he is “angry” that nothing has been done with the former Family Centre on Bervie Road - stating that it should have been turned into two family homes immediately after the Centre moved premises.

Councillor Topping said: “It’s a lack of communication and a lack of forward planning.

“It should have been converted back into two family homes within weeks.”

Since the Centre moved location earlier this year the former building has been regularly vandalised, with windows smashed and incidences of graffiti.

Cllr Topping said: “I’m quite angry about it - there doesn’t seem to be a proper plan in place.

“There are hundreds of people on the waiting list - we could get a couple of families into these much needed houses.

“It has been lying for months and months and nothing is being done - it’s just getting vandalised.”

Brian Watson, Acting Head of Housing for Aberdeenshire Council, said: “The council is reviewing all possible options for the site, one of which is refurbishment of the existing building to housing, and all necessary maintenance will be carried out in the meantime.”