Harbour presses ahead with major deepening project

Andrew Ironside and Jill Smith from Fraserburgh Harbour.
Andrew Ironside and Jill Smith from Fraserburgh Harbour.

Progress if being made on Fraserburgh Harbour’s deepening project, with completion expected by November or December this year.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Harbour Master Andrew Ironside said the £8million North Harbour Deepening project was progressing well.

The Harbour Commissioners’ decision was to create further deep-water birthing in the port, and this would be used to accommodate not only existing deep white fish/prawn vessels but also supply and stand by vessels which regularly use the North Sea.

The new harbour basin will create opportunities for diversity in the port whereby larger deep water vessels can be provided with long-term birthing options which were not previously available.

On completion the basin will provide over 300m of new deep water birth to a chart datum of -5.0m; all key walls will be resurfaced; and a new quay is to be constructed over the old Black Sands area with a spending beach underneath.

Commenting, Harbour Master Andrew Ironside said: “We at the port believe that this deepening project will help Fraserburgh Harbour to diversify in the future, but also complement the existing facilities we provide for all sectors of the fishing industry.”