Hudghton welcomes clarity on discard ban

SNP President & Member of the European Parliament for Scotland, Ian Hudghton, has welcomed a vote in the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee this week which will see new legislation put in place aimed at preventing discards.

The elimination of fish discards formed a key part of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy which came into effect last year. Existing technical legislation however was not fully compatible with the discards ban and amendments were necessary to give fishermen legal clarity.

The Fisheries Committee overwhelmingly backed a compromise package negotiated with the EU Council which will allow the ban to be rolled out over the coming years.

Mr Hudghton, who is a full member of the European Parliament’s Fisheries committee commented: “Nobody, least of all fishermen themselves, like to see good fish thrown back into the sea. The ending of fish discards is a worthy aim and initiatives which will stop the practice are generally to be welcomed.”