Huge response after BrewDog launches shares scheme

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Local company BrewDog, which was founded in Fraserbrugh and latterly moved to Ellon, has announced that already they have raised over £4 million via crowdfunding.

The Equity for Punks scheme, which invited fans of the brewery’s beers to purchase shares in the company had sought to raise Scotland’s largest independent brewers £4.25 million.

They have announced, however, that they are six weeks ahead of schedule, with less than £150k worth of shares still available.

After extending its original target of £4m by £250,000 last month to keep up with demand, the brewery has now raised more than £4.1million as beer fans clamour to buy equity in the business.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt commented: “We’ve had a huge surge of investment in the past couple of weeks, as craft beer fans heard we were close to hitting our target.

“We extended the limit already as we didn’t want any of them to miss out, but anyone keen to become an Equity Punk needs to invest soon if they want to benefit from the awesome perks that come with it.

“The response from die hard beer fans has been epic, and we’re thrilled to be so close to our new target ahead of schedule.

“Through Equity for Punks we have shown that far from a buzzword or a fad, crowdfunding is a legitimate alternative financial system.

“We have broken records, and silenced all doubters, and the money raised will allowed us to spread the craft beer revolution further that we ever imagined.

“From launching Equity for Punks by driving a tank to the Bank of England, to raising a quarter of our target on the first day, Equity for Punks has smashed all our expectations.

“We now have over 12,000 shareholders, with more joining the ranks every day.

“The phenomenal success of Equity for Punks has proven how much our customers believe in our mission to make people more passionate about beer.

“For those who’ve already invested, we want to say thank you – you’ve bought the ticket, enjoy the ride. “The funds raised through Equity for Punks has given a huge boost to our expansion plans, allowing us to accelerate the development of awesome new sites all around the world.

“With over 12,000 Equity Punks now on board, the craft beer revolution has never looked stronger. “BrewDog Tokyo is one of many huge global plans for the coming months, and it’s awesome that our loyal beer fans are at the heart of our success.”

Funds raised by the shares scheme will further boost the expansion of BrewDog’s bar division both domestically and abroad.

The brewers from Fraserburgh have already announced plans to open branded bars in Tokyo and Sao Paulo by March of next year.

Annually, the brewery has grown by 167 per cent over the past five years, now employing 200 staff.

They are set to have a turnover of £19 million for 2013, their products stocked nationally in all major supermarkets and exporting to 38 international markets.